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Birthate picks up again in Kosovo

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A baby from Kosovo
During 2007, the Republic of Kosovo registered 33,000 births with 280 post-natal deaths.
The number of births in Kosovo has significantly increased compared to the the past five years," said the officials at the Demographics Department of Kosovo at a press conference.

The head of the Department, Kadri Sojeva, said that "these statistics do not include another 15% of births, because they were not registered at local birth registries."

He has asked the government insitutions to change the law on the procedures for birth registration, and especially the amendment where it says "child must be registered at the municipality where the baby is born," which it causing problems for citizens.

The published report shows that the natality for 2007 is 15.6 per thousand, while mortality 3.1 per thousand. Most preferred names for the year were Altin for boys and Erza for girls. 

The report shows that the birthrate is expected to continue to maintain this level for the next five years while the aging rate is expected to increase slightly. There are only 4.7 percent of Kosovars above 60 years or older. 

The Republic of Kosovo has the highest birthrate in Europe. Kosovo also has the youngest population in Europe with over 65% under 25 years old. An estimate of the Kosovo population size conducted in 2001 by OSCE put the number at 2.4 million.

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Milan said:

will u ever stop reproducing, u r the poorest nation in Europe, start making money and then reproduce (obviously with the borders to the north-srb, sealed and closed forever). good luck neighbours!
January 13, 2009
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Afrim said:

"new boys for the new wars..." maybe there will be peace but we can never trust Ser-warmonger-war-criminal-BIA
July 16, 2008
Votes: -4

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