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Kosovo government raises salaries for teachers

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Kosovar Minister of Education Enver Hoxhaj
The Republic of Kosovo Government has decided to increase salaries for all teachers up to 47%, beginning today.
"The salary increase for the education system is an important step in continuing to develop qualitative education similar to the European Union standards as one of the prerequisites to build a powerful state of Kosovo," was the official assessment given regarding the decision for the salary increase for the employees of the public education institutions.
"Starting on 1 September 2008, all teachers, principals, and professional assistants in the education institutions of the Republic of Kosovo will get a wage increase based on education credentials," said Prime Minister Thaçi.

Teachers who have graduated a teachers’ college will get an increase of up to 22%. Teachers with lyceum will receive an increase ranging from 19-31%, whereas teachers and professors with university degrees, with 3 to 4 years teaching experience will receive an increase ranging from 27-39%. Professors with masters and PhD will receive an increase from 35-47%.

Kosovar Minister of Education Enver Hoxhaj said that the government is committed to developing a qualitative education in Kosovo, which functions on European Union standards. The quality in education depends on three important components: teachers, curriculum and school books, said Hoxhaj.

"The decision of government to reform the system of salaries for the teachers, based on teaching license, experience and qualification marks another new stage for our reformative policy on education. Therefore, from today the salary of a teacher in the Kosovo education system will based on meritocracy," said Minister Hoxhaj.

From now on there will be criteria and standards for professional preparation and qualification of every individual who acquires a teaching license and gets paid based on the license he has been certified with, said Hoxhaj.

Overall, the seriousness of the Kosovar government to implement further reforms in the education system gives Kosovars hope of a brighter future.

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Sebaneau said:

Not too soon, but the decision not to expand on the existing private system was absurd and harmful.
Education need not be a task of government, all the less so since the development of the Internet.
September 05, 2008
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