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OIC approves pro-Kosovo resolution

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Lulzim Basha, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania who is participating in the 36 Ministerial Summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, has confirmed today in a live phone interview for RTK that the OIC has passed the Kosovo resolution. All of the members of the OIC have voted in favor of the resolution.
NKR is working to acquire the text of the original resolution adopted by the OIC Summit. According to the diplomatic officials at OIC, the adopted resolution is a non binding resolution, however  it opens the path for individual OIC member states to decide whether to recognize Kosovo or not.
This is a major blow to Serbia, which repeatedly tried to block the resolution.  NKR has received confirmation from the OIC diplomats that the OIC refused to allow the Serbian FM to participate or even enter Syria. The Resolution did not fail, nor was it amended, as several Serbian media outlets have misleadingly reported. 
The OIC mechanism is similar to the one adopted by the EU which leaves it up to member states to decide and as a result of this 22 out of 27 EU member states have recognized Kosovo. Kosovo is recognized by 13 out of 57 OIC member states while NKR diplomatic sources, close to the events in the OIC summit, confirm the willingness of additional 19 OIC member states to recognize Kosovo.
It is expected that new recognitions coming from OIC member states, recognitions based on the principle of Muslim solidarity, are going to happen in the weeks ahead.
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Albania and several other nations urged all Muslim nations to recogonize Kosovo.

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Kosovari said:

Ishalla جيدا في أقرب وقت نسلم إخواننا ، وعلى كل مسلم ويساعد المسلمين الله أكبر.

Kosova Republik

May 26, 2009
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Illyrian Princess said:

Illyrian Princess
This is great news. Let us hope that everything goes well and our future is brighter.
May 25, 2009
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