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KOSOVISION CONTEST project have been presented

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KOSOVISION CONTEST is an educational project in a form of national competition where all five grades of primary schools participate together with their teachers in Kosovo. This project enables students to contribute for the future of their country by encouraging them to express their visions and to become active.

In a media conference organized by Ministry of Education Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo has been presented one year of activities of KOSOVISION CONTEST project and has been presented the program that will last until May 2010.

Alush Istogu, director of Pre University Education in MEST said that this activity that lasted for one year and has been implemented in cooperation with Kosovo Education Center (KEC) has been successful in all Kosovo schools and has considerably achieved to accomplish the objectives, in a sense of understanding of offering the possibilities of five grade students of all schools of Kosovo to express their ideas and their vision for the future of the country. In these activities amongst other, students have had the opportunity to create bridges of friendship and cooperation with their peers throughout Kosovo, whereas this year I believe that it will get richer in content to add that this cooperation is welcome in the future, too.

Dukagjin Popovci, KEC director said that this is an idea of University of Education in Zurich that Kosovo Educational Center has supported and in cooperation with Ministry of Education is in realization of this competition. "The main essence is the participation of five grades, from which students we demand that through drawing or in form of posters to express their vision how should Kosovo be in the future", said Popovci who said that last year are announced 51 wining classes, whereas for this year the number of winners will be 80.

He thanked the supporters of this project as: University of Education in Zurich -Switzerland, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Radio Television of Kosovo, whereas as ambassador of this competition is appointed Fatmir Spahiu.

Arditë Hima, coordinator of KOSOVISION CONTEST project said that she is very pleased with the work done everywhere in our schools, whereas students, respectively most successful classes will receive deserved rewards. Last year 51 classes were the best winners. 1350 five grade classes participated in competition. In educational centers of Kosovo have been engaged 12 local coordinators in all. The competition has started on 01 September and will end on 31 May of year 2010, whereas the whole project will end in 2011. Students' interest for this competition was very high.

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nihad said:

I am a 5th grade student of Isa Boletini elementary-middle school in Rahovec. I would like to see my school, my classroom with the Kosovision Contest. I am excited.
November 08, 2009
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endrita said:

My name is Endrita Selimi. I am a 5th grade student at Tefik Canga Elementary-Middle School. I am very excited that my school will participate in this project. I hope we will win so we can fix our school with better inventory.
November 04, 2009
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edison said:

kosova vision contest
October 30, 2009
Votes: +11

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