Arta Dobroshi Competes at Sundance Film Festival

Arta Dobroshi

Arta Dobroshi is the first Kosovar actress to walk the red carpet at the prestigious "Sundance Film Festival".

This year's festival commences its ten-day journey on the 20th of this month. Among the parcipants from around the world, Dobroshi will be presented with the 25-minute movie "Baby", directed by Daniel Mulloy. KOHA group has supported Dobroshi's participation at the festival.

A day before leaving, Arta Dobroshi said that it is not important if "Baby" snatches a trophy at the festival. 'Sundance Film Festival' was founded in 1978 and led by famous actor, Robert Redford.

"For me, the price is the fact that I shot the film. I appreciate that the movie was accepted at Sundance. I'm as happy as I would've been had I won, because by being nominated, that is already a victory" Dobroshi was cited by Koha Ditore.