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851 Kosovo Press Review: Kosovars do not expect miracles in Baden Arianit Dobruna
852 Kosovo Talks: Final Round Starts Kujtim Zenelaj
853 Kosovo ready if Serbia opposes independence Arianit Dobruna
854 Back to the Brink In the Balkans Arianit Dobruna
855 Troika to begin final push on Kosovo Punetori
856 UN head to decide on Kosovo talks if no deal NKR
857 Serbian government preparing for Kosovo independence declaration NKR
858 Ruecker: Kosovo is ready for independence NKR
859 Kosovo talks set to limp to a close in sleepy spa town
860 The day after independence Arianit Dobruna
861 "Serbian leaders know Kosovo will be independent" Arianit Dobruna
862 Comment: Serbia versus the Rest over Kosovo Arianit Dobruna
863 Kosovo Media Highlights: Rücker calls on the EU to take on its responsibilities in Kosovo Arianit Dobruna
864 Kosovo Press Review: Austria to recognize Kosovo's independence Arianit Dobruna
865 No breakthrough at talks to end Kosovo deadlock Kujtim Zenelaj
866 US and Europeans try to avert breakaway by Kosovo with new year recognition pledge Kujtim Zenelaj
867 Talks on Kosovo status yield no result Arianit Dobruna
868 Free Kosovo - without a fight Arianit Dobruna
869 KFOR making plans for northern Kosovo Punetori
870 Kosovo Serb leader: Boycott was catastrophe Punetori
871 EU urges Kosovo not to rush towards independence Punetori
872 Escaping from limboland Arianit Dobruna
873 EU Hails Conduct of Kosovo Poll Arianit Dobruna
874 Snaking towards independence Arianit Dobruna
875 Ex-Kosovo fighter claims victory Arianit Dobruna
876 First unofficial electoral results give PDK clear victory Arianit Dobruna
877 Kosovo Goes to the Polls Arianit Dobruna
878 Kosovo votes in general election
879 Kosovo Press Review: Independence to be declared in February Arianit Dobruna
880 Kosovo Prepares for Polling Day
881 Albanians show support for Kosovo voters
882 Kosovo Vote to Raise Statehood Pressure and Tensions
883 EU ready to take lead on Kosovo Arianit Dobruna
884 PM Ceku: Kosovo Wants Independence Arianit Dobruna
885 Parties vying for power in breakaway Kosovo
886 Kosovo votes ahead of independence showdown
887 Kosovo Parties Mull Post-Election Coalition
888 The Inevitable
889 Kosovo's Ticking Clock
890 Serbs struggle for voice in Kosovo
891 Ethnic Albanian paramilitary group patrols northern Kosovo in defiance of int'l authorities
892 Again and Again in the Balkans
893 Thaci: West will recognize Kosovo independence
894 Thaci party leads in polls ahead of Kosovo vote NKR
895 EU's Kosovo report scathing on graft, justice NKR
896 Kosovo vows to move to independence by year-end NKR
897 Kosovo leader warns that time is running out NKR
898 Talks on Kosovo's future to continue in Austria NKR
899 Germany will recognize Kosovo NKR
900 Rohan says Kosovo status talks unproductive NKR

Anna Wiman

Anna Wiman
Freelance Writer and photographer

Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth Gowing
Co-Founder at The Ideas Partnership NGO

Henry H. Perritt Jr.

Henry H. Perritt Jr.
Professor of Law Chicago-Kent College

Drilon Gashi

Drilon Gashi
Comm. Counselor to the Prime Minister

Arlind V. Bytyqi

Arlind V. Bytyqi
New Kosova Report

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