Essentials You Need for Your Next Vacation

Have you already decided where to spend your next vacation? If you are planning to enjoy the holidays in Disney World, you have chosen the right place. See Disney World podcasts for a preview of what awaits you if you decide to spend your Christmas vacation in Disney World. With lots of wonderful things to eat, see, and experience in Disney World, you will not regret spending the Yuletide season in this place with your family. You can expect that everyone, especially the children, will greatly enjoy.


For a more enjoyable vacation, here is a list of essentials that you must pack for your visit to Disney World:

Frogg Togg Chilly Pad

Disney World can be a hot place to be. For someone who is yet to get used to bright and sunny days, bringing along with you something to keep you feeling cool is a must. The Frogg Togg Chilly Pad is something I strongly recommend. These towels have some magic. Rinse it with water then squeeze out the water and it becomes 30 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. Place the towel around your neck and feel cool and fresh while exploring Disney World.


Water Bottle
Once you become thirsty in Disney World, you can easily get ice-cold water from the service counters of restaurants there. You will save time if you have a water bottle to refill and take along with you as you wander around.  If you are traveling with your kids, let each of them bring a water bottle. This will prevent having to stand in line to get free ice water. The time you spend on waiting for your turn to get water can be spent on exploring Disney World. You can also save money because you will have something to drink even if there is no restaurant near where you are.

Rain Jacket

The temperature in Disney World can be warm and sunny throughout the day but rain would usually pour unexpectedly. Protect yourself from getting wet by carrying a rain jacket just in case you are caught in a downpour. It pays to be always prepared.


A Pair of Walking Shoes

You can expect to walk most of the time to where you want to go. Having a good pair of walking shoes or a durable pair of sandals will help you feel comfortable despite the long walks. Do not bring a pair of brand new shoes because it can cause blisters on your feet. If you have to buy a new pair, be sure to break it in before your trip to Disney World.


Disney Gift Cards

Things can be expensive at Disney World. Purchase Disney Gift Cards before your trip and you can save up to 20% for everything you by at Disney World, from souvenirs, snacks, drinks, tickets, to your hotel room. Purchase gift cards from online retailers and warehouse stores. When you use them in Disney World, you can enjoy 5% discount or more.

When your vacation is about to end, buying a Disney World bag for your souvenirs and gifts will make the recipients of your gifts happier because of the unique experience and customized feel that comes along with it.