Some Important Tips For Your Next Home Inspection

Purchasing a new house is no easy feat. It’s not as simple as merely choosing a relatively beautiful house, talking to the sellers and then buying. As much as I wish it’s as easy as that, a lot of factors should be considered, like the state of the house, the mortgage, the home builder, and whatnot. To avoid purchasing a property that will give you nightmares and headaches instead of satisfaction, here are some tips that you should consider for your next home inspection.


Hire a Trustworthy Professional Home Inspector

Though it’s imperative that you be present for the home inspection yourself, it’s always a good idea to go with a reliable professional home inspector. Take note – reliable. Some realtors will try to endorse a home inspector that you can hire but it’s always best to go with someone with no loyalties with your realtor and someone you can trust. Before your next home inspection, take time to research on trustworthy home inspectors in your area and ask for recommendations from your relatives, friends, and colleagues. If you’re from Texas, a reputable Professional Home Inspection company that you can hire is PrimeFirst Inspections of Houston. These guys are an independent third-party inspection accredited by NACHI so you can be sure that their inspectors are put under rigorous training and have no ties with real estate brokers. If you’re not from the area, there are other trustworthy Home Inspection Companies out there that you can employ, just remember to do your research and see if they’re qualified for the job.


Participate in the Inspection

After hiring a dependable professional home inspector, that doesn’t mean that you’ll let the man do all the work. Oh no. Yes, the inspector is a professional and he knows what he’s doing, but you should not be a passive participant either. Ask questions about potential problems and about things that you don’t particularly understand. Don’t be shy. The inspector is a treasure trove of knowledge about home conditions and remedies, so make the most out of the situation by asking questions. By actively participating, you also get to observe things the inspector might miss or forget. You also get a first-hand idea of the state of the property you’re buying. Just don’t forget to respect each other when exchanging ideas and expressing opinions.

Document the Process

Last but not the least, make a documentation of the house inspection. Take photos, videos, measurements, and notes. It may seem tedious and maybe a bit creepy to take photos of corners and basements but this an important step that may save you from a lot of headache in the future. If you’re planning on doing some redecorating and buying some new furnishings for your future house, the photos and the measurements will help you decide on what may be the best layout and what furniture complements and fits with another.

Furthermore, when you take notes and document the process, you can easily compare your observations with that of the inspector’s and make some suggestions or ask questions about things you want to get fixed. Notes can also help you highlight on things you didn’t like or liked about the house and help make deciding easier. Also if you want to find a great deal on a house you can also find auctions in Springfield, Missouri that could possibly save you lots of money.