The Legalization of Weed: What You Need to Know

Over the years there have been various disputes about the legalization of marijuana and the repercussions that it may bring. Though some states have approved the recreational and medical use of marijuana, you should note that there are still rules in place before you go prancing around smoking weed with your buddies.


Marijuana Is Not Legal Everywhere

The first thing you should know is that marijuana is not legal for recreational use in all states. If you live in Oklahoma City, tough luck for you buddy. If you’re caught carrying marijuana, the possession and trafficking laws in Oklahoma will get you charged with a drug felony. Now, before you panic and get into a further mess, you should know your rights before an overzealous DEA agent accuses you of drug trafficking – which I doubt you’d want to happen. If you’re only carrying small amounts (1 ounce for most states) of weed in your pocket, you might be charged with a misdemeanor with up to a year of penalty or you’ll be fined $10,000 for your first offense. If you’re somewhere in Chicago, Maryland, and California, you’ll only get fined for carrying small amounts of weed. Lucky.


Carrying Weed Across Borders is a NO

Now that you’re informed that weed is not legal worldwide, you should know that you cannot carry weed across borders even if both states sharing the border legalized marijuana. If a law enforcement officer stops you between border inspections and you’re carrying weed, then you’re violating federal laws and are liable to be charged. You should take note though that all searches done on your person must follow a specified protocol. In simpler terms, DEA agents cannot illegally search and seize your belongings unless they want the evidence gained in their illegal search to be suppressed.  Carrying weed across borders also apply to parcels, mails, and planes. Though it may seem like a nice idea, you can’t send you good friend Martha weed for her birthday.


Over 21 Only and No Public Use

The next thing you should know is that you should be 21 years old to be able to legally use weed recreationally and no, you cannot smoke weed in public even if marijuana is legal in that state. Unless you want to get caught and fined, those public pot-parties that you’ve been dreaming of since forever will not come to fruition – unless our fickle lawmakers deem otherwise. Since public weed party is not allowed, the same is true for smoking pot while driving. As much as the idea of driving through picturesque sceneries while being high tickles your inner pothead, the offense is punishable by a fine of up to $1000 or a life-imprisonment depending on your place.


You Can Grow Your Own Pot

Hey, I can make my own weed garden! Well not exactly, but you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants per person and up to 12 plants per household in your garden. Twelve things of pot may not be a weed plantation but for those of you who’ve been stoners since the beginning of the legal battles in marijuana legalization, it’s a huge step.