Kosovo 2.0


Media channels and newspapers are some of the most important parts of any country’s wellbeing. If a country does not have strong media support and functioning, it could lack behind in many things and its people could remain ignorant. They help in reaching the information of any news or event to the people at large to help them stay informed and be aware of what is happening around them. Citizens or people living somewhere must know their surroundings. It is the responsibility of media platforms to do so. Many platforms have been ensuring the same domestically as well as globally.

For the modern generation, a good deal of news platforms has also joined the internet. It is common to find their websites, blogs, podcasts, and even social media channels. This way, they help in ensuring that we get information as quickly as possible. Using the media for the right thing should always be supported. Although there have been many global reports of paid media and propaganda news, no one can deny their importance in our day-to-day lives. In government, the citizens need to have a check and balance of them so that each thing is transparent. This is especially important in the countries that are trying to develop themselves or are pursuing democracy. With an increasing number of global scrutiny, it becomes important to have a robust media system in a country. The countries that lack it, have to go through a lot which has been clear in the past. Regarding society, media plays a massive role in ensuring that a person is informed about the domestic news of his location. Especially in the time of coronavirus pandemic, media channels have helped in spreading the right information at the right time.


Kosovo 2.0

Kosovo, also known as the Republic of Kosovo, is a beautiful country in Europe. Although partially recognized, it has come out as a peaceful and developing nation in the recent past. Countries like Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia surround it. Albania that confers that it is a part of its undivided territory often claimed this beautiful country. Although its status is disputed, it is an essential member of the International Monetary Fund (also known as IMF), and even the prestigious World Bank. While being a country of such status and importance, its history has not been that good. It lost in the major wars and was often a part of other countries throughout history.

Kosovo 2.0 is a popular media group or organization in Kosovo that not only runs a blog but even a print and online magazine. They have broken into one of the topmost media houses of the country. Popularly known as Kosovo two point zero, it produces shows and content in three different languages. It involves English, Serbian, and even Albanian. It was formed about a decade ago and is now a major participant in the movement for media freedom and activism. It has also been conferred as an important front runner in the human rights protection of people across the Balkans and Kosovo.