Latest News About Kosovo

The state of Kosovo, as we all know, has gained diplomatic recognition as a state by UN member states. Since then, things have changed for the state, with politics, policies, and other critical aspects coming into the picture. As a result, news has been a major source to get things going and help people understand all that is happening. So to continue the same, here’s the latest from Kosovo.

Diplomatic Ties

Israel and Kosovo’s diplomatic ties have upset Serbia as it does not recognize its former province of Kosovo as a separate state. However, the diplomatic ties have come from a virtual ceremony that was nothing short of history. With this, Kosovo hopes to become the first European country to open an embassy in Jerusalem in the coming two or three months. As the two countries have come gone through a lot, the agreement stands to be beneficial for both nations. Thanks to that, Kosovo’s minister Meliza Haradinaj-Stubila came forward to classify it as a new chapter.

KOC Signs Sponsorship Agreement

The Kosovo Olympic Committee signed their next sponsorship agreement with Chairman, Besim Hasani, classifying it to be an important one. The agreement was signed between the committee and Selmans Network and eventually came in place for the Olympics. While one cannot speak for the details of the agreement, we can always wait for things to take shape. So before getting to conclusions, it is better to wait and watch how things will turn out to be.

February 14 Elections

Vetevendosje has launched the election campaign in Gjakova for the elections that are going to be taking place on the 14th. The campaign was launched with the central leadership and activities marching along the old part of the town of Gjakova. As a result, they also visited a few artisans of this municipality to get things across and make it all happen for the better. With people wearing masks and following the campaign, the launch seems to be a successful one whose results can be seen after 14th.


CDBK, ICMM, and Other Businesses

The year of the pandemic was not one that we could forget as it brought a lot of changes and pushed people to incur a lot of losses. The mining sector was one among those that incurred these losses, and as a result of that, there was a meeting between the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo, and other businesses.

Understanding the problematic situation put forward by the pandemic and all that happened with it was a central point at the meeting, and the committee seems to have been briefed about the same. As a result, one can wait to view the results of the meeting.